Monday, January 2, 2023

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Running a little slow this start of the new year but new pages will arriving during the week!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a good end of the year!
With my S.O., we spent our time with some family and then the night with some friends we don't get to see very often. It was exciting and fun, and we laughed a lot, waking up to wee the hours of the late afternoon then before taking the long drive home.
I didn't end up accomplishing all my goals of 2022, like failing to remove the old rickety shed from the backyard to not completing a sketchbook or posting a video every month. I did meet other goals, such as my savings goal of $3,000 usd and completing at least 10 illustrations just for me, and attending at least 1 convention! I ended up doing 4 events this past year: an anime con, Trash Taste tour, Renaissance Festival, and Trans Siberian Orchestra! So even if I didn't accomplish all my goals, I sure additional ones I hadn't realized I wanted until they happened. There were some rough patches in 2022, such as having my FB hacked which thus effected my Insta....whether or not I create new ones, we shall see.

Onto recent things:
I am thinking of using the first of the week to also say the goals of month for Patreon as well, which are the following:
- Jan. Sketches
- comic pages (14-20)
- 2 early access YCHs
- New Years Beast Base
- Patron Loyalty Reward: Aspen
- First Materials Study with Breakdown and/or video
- Concept Art

In terms of goals for the website, with how I have things set up this year, January I'll use to conclude any leftover business from last year so will probably be the busiest month. Then after, I do plan on updating the header of this website and start putting in the character profiles. I'll be updating the fanarts section to show off some new artworks received this year!

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