Monday, April 24, 2023

Ch 4 pg 21


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Returning Skyward:
Slowly but surely, I am catching up. Patreon should be back to 10 pages (currently at 9 as of this post) by Wednesday. Before this week ends, I'll surely also have my last commission completed.
What will I do then?
All my focus from now till June will be on this comic and Patreon. I have sketches/ideas ready for the new prints and stickers in May now that I've at least saved up for that. I also plan to do a ton of buffer pages so it can give me proper time to not only go back and edit the pages I desire, but also work back on promoting this comic. We are only about 2 chapters away before first book comes to an end. The current chapter and the last chapter are planned to be a couple of the longest ones, but it will surely be necessary. I probably won't attempt a kickstarter right away as I still need to find printing places, figure out costs and probably will need to do some page edits in order to make sure they fit into a book properly. It's still a ways off to think actually worry about, so right now, the goal will also be to work up to 2x a week page updates. This will solely be based on how well I handle the next month of content and pages.

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

Monday, April 17, 2023

Ch 4 pg 20


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See Where That's Going?:
I mean, these past 2 pages were pretty exciting for me to draw given I know it finally starts tying a couple of these threads together. It doesn't necessarily solve any of the mysteries yet, but I assure you, some things will be answered before this first book is done. Yet, it will only be the beginning. One answer will surely provide many more questions as plots thicken and eventually intertwine.

In other news, this morning woke up to....snow. We've had nice warm, almost summer like temperatures this past week and this morning was snow. It snowed for hours, but since the ground is still pretty warm, nothing stuck. It's just wet out there. My plants are safe, brought them inside, so hopefully they'll be able to return back outside here soon. I do finally have...1...just one, lonely little strawberry seedling and I will take care of this tiny little baby with the upmost care. I'm honestly surprised any of the seeds sprouted at all given I had no guarantee any of them would be viable. One may not seem like a lot, but it's good enough for me. On the sad side, out of the 8 wisteria I've grew from seedlings, only 1 survived. Three were doing really good for awhile but then...well, not sure what happened honestly. Could be a number of things I'm sure, so definitely babying the remaining wisteria seedling.

I also bruised my tailbone recently, so that's been...a pain in the ass...
pfft, sorry. I'll be good. It's doing much better and I should be back to usual exercises in a few days.

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

Monday, April 10, 2023

Ch 4 pg 19


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Easter Monday:
Not that I do much for Easter anymore other than eat a chocolate bunny and boil some eggs. That being said, it turned out to be a nice Sunday this year with the sun being out and though temps were still on the slightly cold side, it felt nice and warm in the sun. We've started to do more outside exercising again, to which I definitely noticed I was well out of shape in terms of stamina. I've slowly built up some muscle over the winter months, but now it's time to focus on that stamina!

It should be sunny all this week which means the flowers should start growing again. Our Violas have never stopped blooming, even when they had snow and ice dumped on them in March. They are far more of a persistent flower than I thought they were, but I don't mind. They're cute and brighten up that corner. My pepper sprouts are really healthy but the blueberry plants did take a hit from the cold spell so one is struggling to survive. The other should make it though. Two out of the eight wisteria have also survived and are growing very well. The others, not sure what happened. A couple never sprouted despite growing roots. One was going strong for a bit but then then turned all pale white and the others I think just weren't strong enough seedlings so they couldn't get past the first leaf growing stage. I feel bad for losing them, but I tried everything. The two that survived are doing really well, so I have to focus on them.

Lastly, I am clearing out the rest of my work this week. I've been doing pretty good with drawing a flower a day for a challenge, but did miss 1 day due to being out all day and not coming home till late, so just ran out of time. Otherwise, that challenge is doing good thus far.
April Flowers prt 1 // April Flowers prt 2
Should be posting more later this week!

I did also manage to give the Patreon Tiers a facelift this past week!
There's still much to do in terms of updating this Patreon, but I'm slowly getting there at least! Some of the images are placeholders till I can pull better ones from the comic, but for now, the ones present work well. The $2 tier has been updated to being a tip jar to view sketches and the Elven and Guardian tiers are now available as well with limited slots as they offer goodies. I do have things ready and will be getting in new stock of things during May as well. 
My next goal for the Patreon updates will be the banner and pfp. After that will be the intro. I have slowly been putting a proper video together to hopefully help draw in some fans to this community

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

Monday, April 3, 2023

Ch 4 pg 18


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April Showers:
This current page now feels ages ago XD

I am actually catching up with pages quite nicely, so will be updating those on Patreon real soon.
The only notes to take away from this current page was that I had actually hoped to have the Prologue revamped by this, but it simply didn't end up being that way. I do have the pages sketched, but beyond that, just haven't had the time.
As I've now scheduled the revamp for Patreon to be done by June, I am hoping that will also include the Prologue pages so that way, this section feels...more impacting. 

Thus, just to state so now, the photo that falls with the papers is the same guy seen in the Prologue. The attire is relatively the same, but given what I've learned since I've initially done the prologue, the guy's facial features have changed a bit and hairstyle. Not by a huge amount, but enough that this scene may not make sense. So yes, this is Vlaz, same guy who took baby Fiacre in the prologue.

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support