Welcome to the Lore of Parallel Rift:
Each image below features the front of a lore card with links below that lead to Patreon where you can read the back of the lore card along with additional concept information regarding the object, plant, animal, or other concept from the universe of Parallel Rift. 
Many of the creatures are from Earthian mythology and I play on the thoughts of where they may have originated. The cards will not feature any of the characters within the comic, but will hopefully help bring some further light to the concepts depicted in Parallel Rift. I will also state what characters are within the comic that fall under that particular lore so you can look for them the next time you read.

The future goal of these cards is that they will be printed out and provided in a small pack of probably around 8 cards per pack. They will packaged so you don't know exactly what you'll get. 
Over on Patreon, you can read the backs and additional concepts of these cards, also without watermarks for just $5, so be sure to check that out if you're interested in diving much deeper into the lore!

Continue Rift Stone lore here

More coming soon!

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