Monday, June 10, 2024

Ch 5 pg 20


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Patreon Pausing for July:
And here we go!
I have paused Patreon for the month of July because well, whether expected or not, I am behind...still. I haven't even had the chance to finish this month's postcard and stickers, so I'm still in a mad dash about those without trying to heavily rush it and do a sloppy job. I've also been planning a couple things for the future as well to hopefully bring some new life to the comic once I have a bit more content. Largely though, it's just catch up time, but I'll get there so no worries.

My current inspiration is the wisteria plant I planted last year in a pot to see how it would do. It grew pretty fine but then suffered a bit due it being moved around and then getting a draft from inside the house so I put it outside this year, largely thinking it was actually dead. It was just looking like a sad little twig in the dirt and now....there are legit new leaves coming up and the base of the twig has turned a healthy green! Nothing like a bit of rebirth to get you going again <3

Lastly, new pages of the comic Triune should be posting this week, concluding the prologue!  

Thank you so much for everyone's patience!
Stay Creative πŸ’š

Monday, June 3, 2024

Ch 5 pg 19


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Foggy Beginnings:
Pride Month is HERE!
Saddly, I was not able to get the merch done and ordered before this month came about. I still have to finish the illustration for the postcard as of this post, but I'm trying. Hopefully this week I can complete it all. I am doing a slight adjustment to my usual work schedule to see if anything changes in terms of focus and productivity, so that way I'm not doing these rush sessions at the end of the month....which usually lead me much to nowhere.

Other than that, I have completed Ch 5 of Parallel Rift and am working on Ch 6! I only need to do 6 pages this month in order to reach 40 pages for the year, my half way point, so that's pretty cool at least that I caught back up. 6 pages, yeah, I feel I can manage that. I will also be working on 2-4 new Triune pages as well because I wasn't able to complete any the previous month and I would like that to get going over on my Patreon. I still have a long way to go before I'm ready to set that one up publicly. The top setbacks for that are not enough pages and not enough finances. May by next year, we shall see. Going to try at least.

Lastly, May was a month with a bit of chaos and sorrow as I lost more fish and even a young shrimp I really liked. My garden seems to be suffering slightly, so will need to see what I can do to give it a small boost forward. Something's been nomming on some of the sprouts and putting holes in other leaves, but can't find signs of the culprit other than the damages they've already done. On the upside, we've had some successful births from the guppies and the CPD fry (baby fish) are growing up nicely thus far in the nursery tank. May had some beautiful mornings and some harsh sunsets, but overall, I wouldn't say it was entirely a flop.

So yeah, pressing forward >.<

Thank you so much for everyone's patience!
Stay Creative πŸ’š