Wednesday, June 26, 2024

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I Have Returned!:
Well, to sum it up, not all of the vacation went according to plan. My partner and I went camping for a few days but it started out...rough. We actually left a day late because the day before, a huge storm cell came through and did some serious damage in our area. With fish tanks running on only back up power, we couldn't leave until power was restored to our area, which didn't happen until 18:00. We did have a generator going to keep other things cool and some fans going as the temps in the tanks were running high, another reason we couldn't just leave. The damages were quite severe to a few homes in our area but otherwise, I think majority got out unscathed for the most part. We do have to get our fence fixed as a massive branch fell on a section and destroyed it so now we also have to be more vigilant with the dogs, work with the neighbors, and get that fence all fixed up. My garden also ended up being entirely underwater but so far, other than debris everywhere, most plants seem alright. 
Beyond that, we did have a couple days where all it did was rain during the trip, thus preventing us from doing some things we had planned to do with bicycles. We managed though, our tent held up with all the rain very well. We also didn't realize just how much colder it would be in this area than home, so we had to purchase some additional supplies to keep us warm. We are home now, settling back in, cleaning things up, and getting the other animals comfortable once more. When we had picked up the cats, we had noticed both were more stressed than past times we had left them, so they needed a bit of extra care and a watchful eye, but luckily, after a day of mostly resting and cuddles, their temperatures have dropped and they seem back to their chipper selves. On the downside, both my parents are sick with Covid, so that's honestly a bit scary for me. One has been vaccinated, the other could not due to medical reasons, so both of them being sick like this puts me a little in an uneasy state. I'll work through it though and do my best to keep things together in the most part, both physically and mentally. It's time to return to routines and discipline and get things completed.

Thank you so much for everyone's patience!
Stay Creative 💚

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