Monday, June 17, 2024

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This week will be ramping up on the heat. The sun is blazing and storms are brewing. It's been so hot over here and this week is supposed to be the hottest thus far this summer. It should be around 33-35C this week. I do also start some vacation time this coming weekend, finally, and it should be interesting if this heat persists, along with the storms. We'll see. We are in a location where it likes to change last minute so for all we know, it could just be hot and a little rain or heat lightning. Who knows.

Anyway, haven't done any new pages for PR yet this month, so way way behind on that. As I mentioned before, I will be taking a break during July to just pretty much do nothing but comic pages and catch up on a few other illustrations and endeavors. After that, I should be right back on track come August and all should be well and dandy. I've also taken to playing Baldur's Gate 3 in the evenings, as my partner decided to purchase it and allow me to play through it. I've been having a lot of fun and figuring out characters and tactics. I do like the mix of adventure and strategy and decision making. Nothing everything goes my way, which I also like and enjoy.

The comic I have been working on lately is Triune though. I am on the last page of the prologue and it's a doozy of a page, which is why things have been taking a bit longer. That and this past week was...exhausting. So much driving. I think I've done more driving this past week than I have in around 5 years and it drained a lot out of me. I still at least made sure to make some progress daily as I could so that way I wasn't entirely just not doing things. Little by little as they say. Progress is better than perfection.

Thank you so much for everyone's patience!
Stay Creative 💚

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