About the Story, Parallel Rift:

Parallel Rift is meant for mature audiences (16+). Not all content may be appropriate for younger readers.

Parallel Rift is a fantasy/drama webcomic about the adventures of two brothers and the enchanting secrets, creatures, and discoveries they make about what lays in the shadows of humanity. 
What should have been an easy gig for Fiacre 
Tร ileach turns into a display of magic, spellwork, and monsters! From chimera, to summoners, vampires, and more, the brothers Fiacre and Leonius find themselves over their heads in a world hidden from humans. As the brothers do their best to find their own place, they learn many things have been kept in the dark. Whispers and fears are brought to light as many fear one may pose a great threat to this secret society!

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About the Author/Artist:

Parallel Rift is drawn and written by Hayley J. (aka, Aminirus) since 2019, an illustrator from Latvia who currently resides in the USA. 

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