About the Story, Parallel Rift:

Parallel Rift is meant for mature audiences (16+). Not all content may be appropriate for younger readers.

Parallel Rift is a fantasy/drama comic about two brothers and their adventures of enchanting secrets, including themselves. When what should have 
been an easy gig turns into a display of magic and monsters, the show turns to reveal more secrets than anyone may be able to handle. From chimera,
to summoners, vampires, and more, the brothers find themselves over their heads in a world hidden from humans. As the brothers do their best to find 
their own place, they learn many things have been kept in the dark.  However, as things turn upside down at the event, many worry if one brother
poses a threat to this secret society? 

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About the Author/Artist:

Hayley J., aka Aminirus, is the artist and writer behind Parallel Rift, originally from Latvia and now currently residing in the USA. They have a wide variety of artwork and have been professionally working as an artist for 10+ years!
Hayley has also worked on numerous small indie games, art roleplaying games, some novels, and plenty of other commission based work. Their specialty lays with creatures, and are currently studying to improve their human based artwork.
At home, Hayley has 2 dogs, Kiwi and Onyx, and a cat named Elyza, along with a scattering of plants and a love for tea.

You can view their works at any of these locations:

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