Monday, May 27, 2024

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Final Week of May:
Starting off by saying that this is the last week to purchase the items below, so if you haven't already, make sure to do so before they're gone!

Otherwise, so far, things are looking alright. I have a lot to do this week, but I'm going to try my best as I always do. I hope to at least order the stickers for June shortly as I still have to finish the art for the postcard. June is pride month so the postcard will feature some PR pride! Since I didn't do Mermay art for this year for May, the stickers will feature the mermay theme as per the poll requested. I do also, or rather would like to, try and do livestreaming again. I did hold a poll for this too and Twitch had won that so will be trying to set that up when I can so I can hopefully chat with some of you and share my art process in more real time. In softer news, the garden I started is growing well. Found a cute little snail on the sidewalk yesterday so took it home for the garden. The aquarium seems to have stabilized for the time being. Everyone is doing good and fine. Finn's fish, the babies that hatched a few weeks ago now are doing good too. Very energetic and so interesting to watch as they're growing up!

As a last reminder, I have these lovely Mail Club rewards still available BUT only till the end of May!

You can purchase these over at my Ko-Fi or select the Longsword tier or higher on my Patreon . Every little bit literally helps a lot! This is the only income I have right now!

Thank you so much for everyone's patience!
Stay Creative 💚

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