Monday, May 20, 2024

Ch 5 pg 17


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Eventful Weekend:
Pushing onwards, this past weekend was interesting. We did get see some friends, but also really put the battery operated air pumps for the aquariums to the test. Randomly lost power on two of the hottest days thus far this year, so that way was fun, in a sarcastic manner. Luckily it was only on Saturday for about 5 hours. We believe, given what we saw and heard from the neighbor when we returned home, was that a service provider probably was checking/doing something with the electrical poles, messed up, caused a fire, and there was a bit of a scene. The largest concern is that this fire was near trees and someone's home. Luckily nothing else caught on fire but the damage was decent enough that repairs had to be called in order to get it fixed and over 200 homes, including us, were out of power. It was hot. Very hot. I'm glad I still have pup cones in the freezer for the dogs to help them stay a bit cooler till we could get the generator going. Sunday was calmer, though I manage to pick up a spikey soft shelled turtle off a bike path and put them safely toward the lake. I have a feeling they were crossing from the river to the lake and because there were so many people going by on bikes or walkers stopping to gawk, it was getting too afraid to move since soft shelled turtles are much vulnerable to weaknesses than other turtles. They swam away at rapid light speed once they touched water XD It was amazing!

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That about sums up that exciting weekend. This week will be mostly work. I am only 4 pages away from finishing up chapter 5, so it looks like it'll be exactly 40 pages for this chapter as well. I do hope to be able to do a 2x a week update in a future month for everyone, but so far I'm just stay barely a centimeter ahead of my schedule so I need to be able to pull much farther ahead of it in order to make this happen. Going to try though at least.

Thank you so much for everyone's patience!
Stay Creative 💚

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