Monday, May 13, 2024

Ch 5 pg 16


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Page 200!!!!:
For starters, that is right! This is officially page 200! 
I am rather proud of myself to getting this far and I hope to be able to do much more in the future! So far, I am staying on top of my goal this year in completing 80 PR pages. I'm right at the spot I should be to reach that goal. I am hoping that if I can push in completing a few pages ahead of schedule, I would love to do at least a month where I post 2x a week! That is the ultimate goal but right now, I'm just not ahead enough to actually manage it safely with Patreon also still remaining appropriately ahead as well. Speaking of Patreon, I do plan to bump up the Shortsword and higher tiers up to 12 pages ahead, so look out for that maybe coming soon!
This is supposed to be one very rainy week so hopefully my little garden survives it all. 
Overall, the remaining fish in my 10 gal. aquarium are doing alright. There are 4 rasbora still remaining and we did get 2 rice fish to add with them, which seems to have actually calmed down the rasbora. It was hot this past Sunday so I won't be surprised if storms are kicked up. Hopefully nothing too terrible like the tornado we had already had a couple weeks ago. Luckily it hadn't touched down and fizzled out before it could do damage, but still. Tis the season I guess.

So, in an attempt to gain some additional savings, I am offering this month's Mail Club rewards to the public as well!
You can purchase these over at my Ko-Fi or select the Longsword tier or higher on my Patreon . It's the first time I've been able to really offer this much so I'm happy with how it all turned out. Now it's time to save back up and hopefully be able to offer something unique by the end of the year. Not sure what yet, but I'm going to try at least. Every little bit literally helps a lot! This is the only income I have right now!

Other than that, not much going on. I did take a bit of a tumble in my mental health lately, but working on building that back up. I think I just did socials a bit too much in a short expanse of time and became easily overwhelmed. I'll be alright, so don't you worry. 

Thank you so much for everyone's patience!
Stay Creative 💚

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