Monday, May 22, 2023

Ch 4 pg 25



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Ahead or On Time?:
For once, I do actually have a couple buffer pages. We'll see how long that lasts, but at the moment, I'm keeping up better than I thought. I have the last pages of ch 4 scripted and thumbnailed so I know where I'm going. It does look like, that at the current time, this chapter will end in July. As I still haven't fully scripted out ch 5, I know this book will end either at the end of Ch 5 or 6. It just all depends on how I wish to play out these next roles. 

For the rest of this month, I do still owe a couple people some artworks so will be cleaning those up and getting them out, but otherwise I'm just waiting on the Merch to arrive and it should be wonderful. At least I think it is. Everything should be ready by May the 28th at the latest and based on the poll I'll be posting to Patreon, should be merch properly in the middle of July.

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

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