Monday, July 10, 2023

Ch 4 pg 32


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The Battle Continues:
So far I haven't had the chance to take on Art Fight yet, but will be working on that this week. It's going to be a busy week but with all the help and techniques I've been doing the past 2 weeks, I feel ready to not just focus, but to thrive. I have a few new goals to look forward to and new insights that set me more at ease. It hasn't been easy and takes a lot more will power than I thought, but things are looking ever brighter.
I'll be working on comic pages this week as well. So far, trying to stay ahead has not happened other than the little bit I've accomplished last month, but I am making progress in order to reach this goal as well. We're going to be fine. The progress may be little and slow, but progress is progress and that's exactly what I'm focusing on.

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

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