Monday, January 22, 2024

Ch 5 cover


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New Year - New Journeys:
And here we are everyone. It's been a long wait I'm sure and I don't blame you either if it's been frustrating. I'm caught up now with Patreon in terms of comic pages, along with actually getting ahead, so there's the bonus. I do admit that despite this story being fictional, the current part I finished up hit close to emotional home simply because I am in a struggling position. It's been only recently where it's felt like I've finally been given a small helping hand so I can heal and grow. It's still a massive work in progress, especially toward emotions because I'm learning to face and accept things that ran amuck in my soul and have surely effected my desired outcomes. There's still much to learn and practice but I think I'll get there eventually and will try hard to do so as best as I can with what I've got. Though, the hardest part is still accepting that I'm largely a no-body artist, buried among everyone else who finds their success in no time at all while I still struggle to accept that it's taken me over 10 years just to scrape by...honestly though, those were not good artistic years. I did a lot of begging and pleading, and in all that time, probably only sold a handful of commissions when I said slots were open. The rest were through heavy advertising, being overly active in groups I didn't entirely like, and constantly promoting YCHs and my work in general just to repeat the miserable process for 10+ years. Was it worth it? In the large run, no, no it was not. In terms of what I've produced, sure. That's over 200 artworks each year for 10+ years straight, most were things like comic works or stuff under $50, so that much I can at least feel proud of and hold onto.

This new year, I'm really hammering down on my goals, one of them being Parallel Rift. The comic, being one of my most precious treasures, receives 6 days a week attention and I don't neglect my Patreon either. I do have a goal to reach before I go back and redo the prologue and that horrendous Ch 1 dialogue, but we're going to get there. Thanks to that small hand that has reached out to me recently, helped me to see my goals in an accomplishable way, it's going to happen. I dream big and now that I know exactly what that dream entails rather than vague ideas ever changing based on life's circumstances, I feel more grounded and ready. It's going to be alright and I look forward to presenting the new things I've been working on too and have planned. They're exciting to me, if not also a bit scary given I've never done these things, but I wanna try.

Thank you so much for everyone's support with Parallel Rift since 2020+. You guys are also the stars here and my gentle guiding hand too. I'm here, doing this project because of you, your kind words of encouragement, and your interest to know more. So thank you!

Stay creative everyone!

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