Monday, February 19, 2024

Ch 5 pg 4


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Lots of Updates:
So, between reaching page 200 and working on things in the background, it's been a bit emotional lately. I'm not only nearing is presenting my first YT videos of this particular creative series, but also hitting additional milestones in terms of completing pages well ahead of schedule. For example, as of this finally sunny Monday, I have ALL of March's pages complete and ready to go. I work on pages 2 hrs every morning except Sunday. That's my day off so I don't do any work at all. I also cleared out the patron rewards this past week too so that's been covered. Been slowly updating Patreon and making the necessary changes as I push forward with that as well.
Between Patreon and my efforts for the YT videos to come, I've been both a nervous and fearful wreck. It's that stage in creation where you just overly worry and the sense of doubt feels so massive that it feels almost crushing. I mean, Parallel Rift is also my child and though it only has a handful of fans I worry about it's future too. The goal still stands in producing books one day and if I can get enough pages done to be maybe 2-3 months ahead of schedule, I will continue the meager progress I've made thus far to the redone prologue and intro. Not to mention the edits that will be necessary for this website too. It sometimes feel like a lot and I have to break it down into more bite sized pieces, but even that seems difficult at times too.

And of course, now we have a tank on top of the other animals we have. So between work and animal care and decluttering, I'm honestly surprised I'm not tearing apart at the seams sometimes. It would be fantastic to grab some help, but with such little income, I can't afford to hire anyone to do even simple tasks, let alone help with editing or more time consuming tasks with comic pages. It's just me....and sometimes that alone is the most difficult reality. I don't really receive comments or feedback or anything of that nature either to know if I'm doing good or not, so it's all been on sheer gut instinct and horsing around, hoping it's alright. It's just how it will need to be I suppose until I reach my financial goals. If all my efforts pay off, that may happen at the end of this year, but till then, I have to work hard and keep making decisions that are sometimes not easy to do. 

Thank you for baring with me everyone <3

Stay creative!

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