Monday, December 5, 2022

Ch 4 pg 4


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This December is going to be a BUSY month! I have a lot work to complete, both commissions and non so Patreon members will have all this month's pages posted next week. 
I already started gathering all the artworks completed this year and so far, it seems I'm either close to 200 or just over. We shall see. There's over 100 in commissions/personal work that's not comic pages, so it'll be interesting. The holidays will be busy for me as well and OHHH, thanks to everyone this year, I'm able to change my desk/office set up! It's finally going to happen because I've literally been using an old drafting table for my computers and a chair with pillows on it, for years, because I couldn't afford better. I know it's not ergonomic in the slightest, but hopefully I can change that, help prevent back problems, further weird sitting postures and be able to use my tablet and monitor in a more comfortable manner. Thank you for everyone's support! Like seriously, Christmas gift to myself, but also couldn't have been done without the help of everyone who bought commissions and supported my works this past year. THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for your support and see you next week!

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