Monday, November 28, 2022

Ch 4 pg 3


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Hope the holiday was good for everyone this past week!
Nothing to really report regarding this particular page. I am working on information and descriptions for 2023 regarding characters and creatures. Some of the information will be made public on this website while others will be held off till later or available only to supporters on Patreon or Ko-fi. Yes, we now have a Ko-fi where you can do one time donations to help the comic. When we reach our goal each time, a new page will be posted that day! This income helps push us closer to our goal of offering more to everyone, including posting pages 2x a week!
Lastly, you can now view all of November's pages on Tapas! If you have a bit to spare, share some Ink and show your love for this story and artist! There is much coming soon so hang on for this ride has just begun!

Thank you so much for your support and see you next week!

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