Monday, February 13, 2023

Ch 4 p 13


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Expecting Rain:
Just like most of last week was rainy, it seems we'll be expecting cloudy weather....again. This hasn't done wonders for me mentally, but I have made some really amazing progress this past week! Patreon is currently caught up with comic pages for the most part and I'll be pushing Dean patrons ahead of the pack by providing 12 pages total before the public! 
I have been rather disheartened lately, watching the patron count drop despite having weekly updates. I do know I've fallen behind a little, but I am catching up! I only thing left from January that I missed and that will be ready this week. Work is almost cleared out, to which will surely be concluded in the next few days here as some of it, I can do all in one sitting, especially traditional. Stuff needs to dry, but otherwise, it will be done. The next 6 pages are sketched out and I'll be working on those bit by bit. After this week, I doubt I'll have any work so I'll take this slow time to focus on the website and Patreon, update a few things as well. Since there has been no progress with Patreon, I will be changing the goals, updating several things and just launching the other 2 tiers with hopes that it will work out. The support I receive from Patreon is currently what funds my ability to create merchandise. Without that, there's no merch, so I know I need to find a way to spruce it up and draw more interest back.

Long list of goals and dreams it would seem, but I'm not giving up! I do also hope that with the coming events in this chapter that it will also pull people back into the story as I know, right now, it is a bit on the slower/introductory stage. We're almost there though. These pages are building to revealing secrets and setting stages for future events. Once I am caught up with Patreon as well, prepare for the revamped Prologue and first few pages of Ch1. Those are already scripted and sketched, and, as far as I feel, will read much better than the chore of dialogue I have currently. I will fix it!

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

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