Monday, June 5, 2023

Ch 4 pg 27


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Shifting Gears:
After a bit of thought and some rather much needed mental advice, which felt a bit like an epiphany to me given it was one of those things you could feel, but you couldn't directly identify as it's not familiar to you, sort of situation. It helped me a lot to see things I've been missing and feeling stuck on for years now.
It won't be easy to progress forward, but I know I want to and I feel the intense motivation to do so. So what exactly happened? What's in store for the future?
What happened: In the 10+ years I've been doing artwork for others, commissions, games, covers, etc. I never had a true time to slow down enough to realize that I wasn't growing the way I wanted to. Sure, my work load would increase, but at what cost? I wouldn't say those 10+ years were a waste, not by far, I learned a lot, but when you're stuck doing things for others all the time, the ability to do things for yourself becomes difficult. Things I wanted to learn over those years, I never found the chance to do. I've always wanted to practice my illustrations more, learn to study and create awesome story driven illustrations like I often see for ttrpg, but I never had the time. I was generally too drained, both physically and mentally to think about studies or go beyond watching videos on how to improve. When I started Parallel Rift, it was during a busy season too. Between work and PR, there was no room for my personal growth. 
So, after realizing this fact like a near slap in the face recently, I've come to accept this downtime in my life as a blessing in disguise. I still have my commission info available, but I've quieted down a lot on advertising for it. If something still comes, I probably won't refuse the job as the money I earn will be used toward building this new adventure of mine. What this also means, in this realization, is that I will be putting a lot more time into PR. I have some plans set in motion now, ideas written down and now just have to choose which to target first (other than aiming to post 2 pages a week). There's still no way I'm neglecting PR, so don't worry on that fact. This comic is my baby and my goal to make it books one day still stands. I'll be organizing my thoughts a bit more this week, finalizing some things, but otherwise Patreon will surely be hopping this month with content!

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

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