Monday, June 12, 2023

Ch 4 pg 28


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Almost Caught up:
Feels a bit like a miracle honestly. All of June's pages are done ahead of time. Subtle reminder that Patreon members are 10 pages ahead of the public. July's pages will be worked on this week as well and I'll be catching up on some other owed Patreon works. It'll be a busy week as I work out some alternative income while commissions are slow, so will also be working on that this week. At least a chunk of it, so that way I can get other things done too.
We finally had some rain here last night! It's been over a month since we had rain!! It wasn't the thunderstorm they said it would be, but it at least rained consistently for a few hours, enough to give life back to the plants at least and lessen the fears of potential fires breaking out. The smoke and haze had wafted here too for the past week, dropping out temperatures on the chilly side, which I honestly didn't mind but I couldn't go out much as it triggered my sinuses. 

I should be doing another livestream here this week too, have at least 1 illustration to work on and will also be working on a Pride Illustration this month as well while I figure out a new banner to use for my Patreon page. So yeah, staying busy at least despite the lack of work.

Also, as an update, we are currently at $75 out of $200 needed for the next merch drop!
You can donate a little to help out over on my Ko-Fi or join my Patreon for lots of additional content and help out that way too! 

The other goal we also currently have going on is that if I can also reach a 10+ page buffer, I will do a month where I post 2x a week. I'm slowly working toward that goal and hope to be ever closer. The goal right now is to aim for 2x a week posts for the month of September at the latest!

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

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