Monday, June 19, 2023

Ch 4 pg 29


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Almost Caught up:
I've had to adjust my schedule again to better help with a mix of things. There was an illustration I really really wanted to complete before this coming Friday. It was an illustration for the summer solstice festival Ligo as I've been trying to properly reconnect with my roots. It's been difficult to do so these past few years between moving, pets, family illnesses, personal stressors, and not knowing where to begin given I don't have a community to connect with anymore and ask questions. I've been blessed with being able to speak with my sister more often and slowly build things. The war has ruined my initial plans to travel this year to Latvia for the Song Festival given it would be unsafe for me to do so. Thus, we're planning our travels as soon as we're sure it'll be safe for us to do so. It may not be for the festival, but I will still go as soon as I can. The one bit of money I refuse to touch is that for this trip. I've been saving for this trip for a decade now so nothing is going to hold me back from going there as soon as I can. Safety does cross my mind though given what I have established here and I do not wish to place unnecessary burdens on anyone if something goes wrong in a way that could have been avoided. Thus, I tread carefully, but you bet I'm keeping an eye on things...a very, very close eye.
I'm ready to leap when I can!

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