Monday, August 28, 2023

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Thunder and Tornadoes:
Well...this past weekend was...something else!
Starting this past Thursday night, we had a massive storm come through. At first it was just thunder so loud that it hurt my ears and rattled the frames on the walls and such. Scared one of our dogs something good. It quieted down a little after that 20 minutes or so and then received the actual alarm for a severe thunderstorm warning and shortly after that, shit broke loose. The winds were fierce, strong enough to yank trees out of the ground, the sirens went off, lightning was continuing near constantly. It was pretty scary. Had one dog at my side because he was terrified while or other dog was sleeping on the rug without a single care. Power went out shortly after that one began. Fast forward to Friday, still no power, found out that at least 6 tornadoes had touched down 30+ minutes via highway driving speed away from us starting about 3-4 towns over from us. The humidity was terrible so we had to run the generator just to keep our fridge going so the food wouldn't spoil and fans going so ourselves and the pets wouldn't overheat. Saturday arrived and it wasn't till evening till we finally received power and could properly turn the AC on given it was another blistering humid day that makes it feel like 40C out there while you constantly sweat out of every existing fun. 
So thus, we only were able to attend the local Renaissance Festival on Sunday and thank goodness it had cooled down a bit by Sunday. What a wild weekend really. The scary part was that part of the drive we have to take to get to RenFest, we past an area where one of the tornadoes had touched down...I've never seen such devastation. Trees were just gone or chopped more than half way down as if someone had snapped them in half like a toothpick, farm fields were just flat, crops destroyed for miles! It was awful. During these times, it really does put things into perspective and reminds us humans that no matter what you say or try to do, nature will do as it pleases at times. When it truly strikes, it strikes without judgement or remorse and will stop for no one. It does make me feel at times that with all the toxic things humans have done and the increased amount of these vicious storms in the last few years that the world is fighting back through the strongest forces of nature. I can only see this becoming worse with time as well. Tornadoes are already pretty rare here in this state, but to 6 from one singular storm that popped up and turned violent when no one saw it coming...yeah, I'd say its getting worse. Nature is throwing punches and it makes me wonder if humans will wake up or if it will actually take our near total destruction before things are taken much more seriously. 

Other than that episodel weekend, there were good things in between as well. My self care sorta fell through on those days we had no power due to being so humid that it makes peeling yourself off the furniture feel like lifting five hundred pounds of dead I mostly rested and hugged the fan for dear life. 

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

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