Monday, September 4, 2023

Ch 4 pg 36


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A Way to Start The Autumn:
As those of my Discord already know, as of this past Thursday, I came down pretty ill with a high fever. I've largely recovered since then, but it's still going to take my body a bit longer to fully catch up to what it was. I didn't really eat a lot or do anything other than attempt to sleep for nearly all that time. That did also mean I sadly couldn't attend Ren.Fest. this past weekend either. With the heat the way it is this past weekend as well, it probably would have only made me feel worse and nor did I want to risk giving, whatever this is, to anyone else. So here I am, stuck at home, recouping a little bit more each day, but slowly getting there. The fever luckily didn't last longer than a night and my appetite has been slowly returning. I have heard some illness has been spreading around town pretty crazy lately, so I have a feeling I caught whatever that was/is. I'm fine though. Nothing to be alarmed about at least and like I said, I'm slowly recouping and thus will be fully back on my feet before you all know it!

Now, in other news, Ch 4 has come an end on Patreon so I will be slowly catching the public up to this point while I hash out the details for Ch 5. Patreon members should be fully ahead of the public again probably by the end of September to early October is the goal. Getting through the pages now when I can so thank you for everyone's patience! September is a little slower month in terms of work, but I do have work so I'm also working on a merch drop for this month as well. I couldn't have it done it without everyone so thank you very much!! 

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

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