Monday, September 18, 2023

Ch 4 pg 38


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...Or What?!:
Probably one of my favorite pages where Modris shows off a fraction of his abilities. If you haven't guessed by now, his anima is green and green means a connection to plants, of which Modris is extremely skilled with.

My partner Finn has also been sick this past week, but has largely improved. Now he has the same cough as I do but I hope it doesn't last as long as mine has. It's probably the most annoying part, is coughing all the time and not always having a reason to do so. Both our mothers have the same issue of coughing since almost last year and I've heard some other friends have the exact same issue. It doesn't seem to matter if you've been vaccinated or not, which royally sucks. Mine tends to come and go. I'm hoping a slight alteration to my current diet will be what is needed as it did seem to work last time before I got sick from Finn bringing something home from his work. We're at least all good, besides the coughs, but we're being careful. It also doesn't help that has become very cold here lately very quickly. Most trees are already changing colors or are half through the color change. My remaining crops are still doing good as I take them in at night since they're in pots. Next year they'll be planted in the ground so I'll have to make sure to cover them when times grow cold like this. Lastly, was caught in the rain at the Renaissance Festival on Sunday...of course, it was the only spot it rained the most at with thunder and lightning, so we were quite miserable with our friends. Still were there for most of it, so it at least wasn't a huge loss. 

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