Monday, September 25, 2023

Ch 4 pg 39


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It's Back...Sick Again:
Yup, caught something several days ago. Allergies I think, or a cold caused by the fast seasonal change, which does happen to me generally every year anyway. There tends to be a lot more spores in the air due to the dew staying longer and more rain, even if not much, thus keeping things cool and perfect for shrooms and other fungus to populate at a higher rate....and my allergies kick up like mad because of it.

This one is a bit more lingering than before because I think my body was still a bit weak from being sick the week before and hadn't fully recovered so adding a slam of allergies on top of a healing body...not a great mix. Either way, I'm being careful, taking my meds, and otherwise going about as usual once more...just with more sneezing XD

Till next week...

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
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