Monday, October 2, 2023

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I do have to admit, I have mixed feelings for the last day of the Renaissance Festival. I'm both happy it's over and sad at the same time. Happy because going every weekend for a month and half cut out a lot of time I could have used for work given we would wake very early in the morning (when I normally wake anyway) but then wouldn't return home till the sun was down. It put much of my schedule in the whacks so thus, that part makes me happy. On the sad side, it means another lengthy amount of time before we see our friends again and get to just As I heard someone say, it's the only event I know of where people can be drunk off their butts, in the presence of children and weapons, but no one fights. Out of all the years and times we've gone to our local Ren.Fest. I never realized that till I had heard that statement. We also made some new friends and the costumes are always fantastic to see! It will be missed in its own way.

Though now, I am back to work and at least trying to re-establish my schedule again, get some payments coming in once more, and hopefully progressing toward a healthier and better future. I do feel largely better, but I do have a bit of a cough remaining and clearing my throat of that's been fun (sarcasm if you couldn't tell). Anyway, I did hold off on a few things in order to complete other things, but if my calculations are correct for this month, plenty should still be completed and my Patrons should have a ball this month :3 mwahahaha!

Till next week...

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
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