Monday, November 6, 2023

Ch 4 pg 44


Looking for more pages? Merch? WIPs? Concepts?

Windy Monday:
Just one more page after this and this chapter will come to a close. I will be taking some time off after that to complete a few things for Patreon and catch patrons back up. Definitely a bit of drama will be continuing within the next chapter!

My goal to complete 200 pages by end of 2023 could still maybe happen! I'm about 15 pages shy, which is still asking for a lot, but we'll see how it goes. If not this year, I will reach that goal quickly next year. Big things are changing for me next year between both art and my career, so we'll see how the river flows!

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

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