Monday, March 4, 2024

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Woah There!:
And Welcome into March!
Had a nice walk yesterday in the woods. Not much yet growing here. Still pretty early so not even the early bird spring flowers have started growing yet. Soon I hope. I did see a lot of good signs. Thick buds and some ground foliage coming up. Moss looked healthy and sprouting in the woods. It was a park we hadn't been to before, so we also explored an old dump pile. Had everything in there from old televisions to refrigerators, washing machines, kids' toys, baskets, bottles, etc. We ended up finding a surprisingly intact glass jug bottle once used for bleach. I learned they're called "growlers" but that may not be how it's spelled XD Either way, it was an interesting find and we took it home with us. Found some geocaches out that way too and sadly, didn't have anything to leave behind. Hadn't crossed my mind to check since we hadn't done geocaches in a few years. If we ended up on more woodsie walks, I'll have to consider it. 
Otherwise, things are going largely very well thus far. This is mostly a content oriented month so I'll be producing as much as I can, including my prompts for March, of which I've already started. I have lots planned and some fears to overcome as well, but I'm going to work on it and press forward.

Stay creative!

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