Monday, March 11, 2024

Ch 5 pg 7


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Taxes Soon!:
Will be doing taxes this week, so yay. We go to a person because I have little to no trust for those "free" tax filing programs, especially for as little as I make as a self employed person. I've had issues with those programs before and always end up having to pay money even though I don't make a lot. Like the usual for me is just barely around $3,000 but this past year, with how fast work dropped off the face of the earth, I didn't even make half that. Like I mentioned before, it's only thanks to my supporters and my spouse that I'm staying alive as is at all.

So as that fun little reminder, please do consider supporting my work. I do hope to begin updating this website a bit more. Add some more color, better buttons for things like Patreon and what not, so till then, thank you for your patience. The additional preview above shows the stickers for this month, featuring adorable peryton! I am still staying on top of the comic pages and will be prepping a new comic come April that will currently be Patreon exclusive, so look out for info on that. I do also hope to get some illustrations going again and will be finishing up the patron rewards soon.

Thank you!

Stay creative!

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