Monday, March 18, 2024

Ch 5 pg 8



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So, the day before it's the official first day of spring....we have...snow >.< Somehow, I'm not surprised. The weather has been pulling this for the past few years now where it is determined to do some last minute snow squalls in the middle to end of March. Luckily, it doesn't usually put the early spring flowers into shock, but eh, still don't like it. 

In other news, my taxes are done and color me surprised, but I actually made my average of just over $3000 in terms of business. Given how quickly work had fallen off last year, I was not actually expecting to "break even" as I call it. If I make that much in a year as an artist right now, for me, without a solid art job, this is good. I do, of course, hope to change this fact through some of the new things I'm trying this year. The main aspect is staying the hell on top of Parallel Rift, of which, as of right now, I'm 4 months ahead of the public page posting schedule, so that's rather fantastic. A huge turnaround compared to last year where I was barely keeping up. I do hope to reach a specific goal soon and if I do, I'll reward everyone with a 2 page post to move things right along. As of this post, I'm currently working on page 25 of this chapter, and it's only about 1/2 way this may end up being the longest chapter yet, or I may end up breaking it apart. We shall see. I still generally only work with a rough script and 5-8 pages at a time X'D. I don't recommend, but it works for me.

Other than that, one of our shrimp females we call The Pale Lady due to her pale coloring compared to the other shrimp in the tank, is pregnant. So, if all goes well, she'll be hatching kids in a couple weeks. Overall, the tank appears to be doing quite well. All our residents seem happy and healthy, no fights, so all is good and we hope to keep it that way. 

This week will also have a new video coming out so look out for that. Remember that patrons are ahead of everything, from videos to comic pages and soon, a new patreon exclusive comic will also be arriving! 

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