Monday, March 25, 2024

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March Crunch Week:
I may not be online much this last week of March as I clear out the rest of my work list. I still have 3 comic pages to do, 2 patron rewards, and the illustrations for April. Not to mention, complete the video that was supposed to come out last week AND do the video for the March Prompt summary. So yeah, crunch week! Lots of work and not a lot of time. Most of it was my own doing because I was lacking motivation for a couple weeks so only did enough to check off on my daily list...even though I know I had time to do more  >.> 

Yeah, yeah, lesson learned.
I did find some new methods to try come April to hopefully gain some huge productive days in less days. Essentially, what I did in college where you quite literally pump several classes of work into one single day. It's possible, but definitely requires planning and careful set up in order to survive such days, but I have 3 days planned in April for these hardcore work sessions. Nothing will disrupt me and I will use all my internal fight power to ensure my desire to be distracted doesn't rear its ugly head.

LASTLY, I'll be attending another furcon for my partner in early April. It shouldn't effect comic page posting, but letting you all know on the small chance it may. I have more than 2 months of pages ready, so in general, pages should post's literally taken me 5 years to figure out this site can allow for set date postings >.< This would've been nice sooner, but ah well. So yeah. Though, for links to keep going properly, probably can only set 1 ahead post at a time, but that's enough.

Thank you!
Stay creative!

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