Monday, April 15, 2024

Ch 5 pg 12


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Another new week folks, another new page! Still rather far from being able to post comic pages 2x a week, but who knows, maybe one day. I did post a new video as well this past Saturday to both Youtube and Patreon.

Youtube Video Link -> Finishing an artwork from 13 years ago

I sadly forgot to add the tags for this video so I already know it will do poorly compared to the others. I do have a new video coming out this week, maybe even 2 new videos, depending on how quickly I can actually work and do edits. So we shall see. I'm still rather slow on the edits but am going to try a different way of recording my voice so hopefully I don't sound too quiet or like I'm half asleep all the time. It's generally difficult for me to sound "energetic" on mic as far as I feel when I hear it back. Every time I feel like I am sounding energetic in person, when I hear it back... it doesn't seem to capture it. Maybe it's just me or my brain being mean about it? Who knows.


Also, as a gentle reminder, this month's Mail Club features the Thunderbird postcard and feather sticker! This is for all $20 and over tier patrons. Patreon Link

Even if you can't do the Mail Club, the $2 tier is also exceptionally helpful! All tiers also earn you goodies and rewards as you desire so if you save up, you can also earn any stickers and prints I have available. I do early access videos and 10 early PR comic pages along with a comic that is currently exclusive to Patreon members only, so yeah, lots of cool things going on and your support helps to keep me funded for these endeavors and work toward showing up at cons in the future!

Thank you again for your patience <3
Stay creative!

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