Monday, April 8, 2024

Ch 5 pg 11


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Returned from the Con:
As I had mentioned prior (I think) I was gone from the 4th to the 8th to a convention for my partner. I was just a handler and he's was in his fursuit. Since his eyesight is bad in the suite, I'm his eyes and voice for many things, along with carrying necessary stuff like water and small fans to help keep him cool inside the suite. I'll be talking in more depth about the con in a video this week, so patrons will have early access to that. It's not he first one I've gone to as a handler for my partner, but this one was smaller and overall, it was good. 

Now I'm back to setting up my routines and work schedules. There's a lot to do, but I do feel I can make it without too much difficulty. Having that amount of time off really does help to reset your desire to work again. I did do some sketching while at the con, but since I'm personally limited in what I can carry, that's all it was, was just a few rough doodles. Other artists there definitely were making masterpieces and amazing sketches with fancy tools I do not have, but that's quite alright. All the things I needed for Mail Club this month also arrived. My budget was rather limited this time around, so I wasn't able to order a whole lot this time, so this month is just a postcard and a sticker. I was able to resolve some other issues and I do have enough saved up for the Mail Club next month so the order then should be much better and hopefully more interesting. I hope. I'm still struggling to gain new patrons, but I'm trying. Exhibiting as much patience as I can muster, but it's still hard sometimes when others far younger than I am are doing so much better. I won't give up though. Not yet at least. 

Thank you again for your patience <3
Stay creative!

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