Monday, April 29, 2024

Ch 5 pg 14


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New Comic: Triune:
With the launch of the new comic Triune to my Patreon, I'd say overall this month went pretty well. I'm still a long ways away from my support goals as I'm still aiming for around $200 a month on Patreon...and sadly I've been rolling backwards toward that goal rather than forward. I'll have to work hard on some of the advertising in a few days when May rolls around. I do hope that once I have everything for Mail Club this month, even if it is PR specific, I like where I'm going with it and excited to try out a couple new things. I don't expect that to be the reason it draws new members to my Patreon, but one can hope and dream. I still have to figure out what the special sauce is for me in order to gain some more support and reach those financial goals now that I'm not working. 

Here's at least a cute little sneak peek at the postcard print for May. I went more complex than intended, but I hope it'll make it that much more of a beautiful illustration.

This week as it's the end of April, there will also be an art summary over on Patreon. Other than the mail club arts and comic things, I still don't have any personal art to reveal as of yet, but know that I am working on things. It's not completely in the dumps, but just has been taking me a bit to get those gears actually moving. I also do hope to sketch more and push out some videos that really dive in a bit deeper toward what advice and ideas I can provide related to staying creative. I know timelapses are a little old school right now, though I'll still largely stick with them, but I do also want to do a few that will reveal my face and a bit more of the environment and habits I've taken up. So yeah, busy busy, lots to consider and I have a feeling May will also be a catch up month on the things and endeavors I have not yet completed. Patreon Rewards will also be starting this week, new bulletin, all that jazz. 

Thank you so much for everyone's patience!
Stay Creative 💚

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