Monday, February 20, 2023

Ch 4 pg 15


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Happy Endings:
With the all drama the past few days, the conclusion to this tale ends happily. Both our dogs Onyx and Kiwi are returned home! Onyx was found lost near a ditch behind some homes, sitting by his lonesome, while Kiwi returned a day later...on the most nonchalant sort of manner as she simply trotted up to her back door! 
Either way, both puppers are home safe and sound and in good health! Kiwi did have some minor injuries in the form of a scratch under her eye, probably from a thorn from venturing out into those spikey shrubs in the woods, and a small cut on her paw pad, which was showing signs of already healing. Both had burrs, thorns, grass, and all sort of bits of nature stuck in their fluffy coats. Onyx had the worst in that department for we found him just after the ice storm came through so his coat was littered in bits of ice. Both puppers were dehydrated from the lack of water due to it all being frozen and of course, hungry. It's a few days since they returned to us (Onyx on the 17th and Kiwi on the 18th) and they're both back to their spirited, adventurous, and goofy selves. We honestly had our doubts on the survivability of these two, but they proved us wrong and we couldn't be prouder parents. My S.O. and myself are making sure the fault in the fence will be fully fixed as soon as we are able and otherwise, will make sure this mishap never happens again so our kids can live long, happy, and healthy lives!

Due to this emotional rollercoaster, I did fall behind a bit on work I had planned to do and finish during that time. I am catching up as best as I can and hopefully should be caught up with the crucial bits before February ends! The first PR info cards came in as well, but we may be doing another print of them. As much as we like how they look now, we feel a smaller size may be more beneficial and feel more like a playing card and easier to gather as we build this set.

Have a good week my readers, creatives, and dreamers!
Thank you for all your support

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